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Good one.

18 year old. student midwife. just somewhere to share my views and feelings. ha.


so i’ve just hatched out a second batch of chicks from my pet chickens, and they didn’t really come out as i expected. we got the eggs from a groovy little farmer called arthur and he didn’t tell us that he gave us silkie chickens, so when i had a little peek to see what the chicks looked like i was greeted with a little rock chick. silkies, i’ve decided, are hilarious in every way. and one really weird and slightly creepy thing about them is they have purple black skin and bones?! whaattt.

this is what my chicks will probably look like in a few months.. 

that’s one thing to smile about

best friends can always make your day better, however bad it has been. (only the top four are mine)


i can’t stand it when people say ‘oh it was only a cat’ or ‘its only a pet’ when one of your pets dies. well actually ‘that cat’ i have known since i was 3 years old, she was the one thing that couldn’t yell at me if i did something wrong, the one who i could cuddle and cry on when i was upset and the one who i could sit in silence with without it being awkward. so really, ‘that cat’ isn’t just ‘a pet’ to me.

something to look forward to

when my exams are over in… 14 days (could it go slower?!?) i’m literally going to do whatever i want and will probably be drunk the whole summer. i’ve decided that i really want to see the film ‘brides maids’, it looks like just my kind of humour and it will be amazing to just relax and not worry about why some ‘defendant’ threw a glass in someone’s face and is pleading self defence.

congrats carol vorderman for winning ‘rear of the year’


if i have an arse like this at the age of 50 i will be pretty happy.

thanks nanna and grandad :’)

don’t even know what to say

don’t even know what to say

new found love.


so getting pretty excited for my summer holiday with my incredible friends… looking on a few websites (okay tescos..) find a lovely little bikini, go to see if they have my size and the smallest cup size they start with is DD. wtf. guess i’ll keep looking then.


so i’ve deleted facebook until my exams are over (16 days and counting), well i haven’t deleted it as such; i changed the password to random numbers, wrote it down and put it in my piggy bank (which i can’t get into) clever eh? well i thought so.

so this is my other means of procrastination.



you learn something new everyday

today i learnt that i can cook a mean scrambled egg on toast. i mean like, it was the best one i’ve ever made, greg and john would be proud.

i’ve been having strange things happen in my sleep recently, still no exciting dreams but…

the other night i awoke with a completely dead arm, so dead than when i tried to lift it up it flew up from the bed smacking itself on the wall next to me creating the loudest bang.. and of course i couldn’t feel a thing. quite weird, but pretty cool.

the past three nights i have awoken at around 3am, don’t know why… well one of those nights i was woken by the milkman (who by the way drops off our milk at 3am?! WHAT.A.DIVA.).. anyway, i feel like i am being shown a sign for something or maybe that’s just because the endless hours of psychology revision make me want to believe in ‘the paranormal’…


so, i have lots and lots of dreams and my friends are bored with hearing them all (they say they’re not but i know they’re lying) so i thought i may as well post them up here for anyone who wants to see what’s going on my little mind.

well last night, i tried really hard to have an amazingly magical dream so my first post would be interesting, but as everyone knows it doesn’t really work like that…

so my dream; i was at school, but i was in nursery but still my eighteen year old self.. and the class was painting with bird’s feathers (a kite bird to be precise, which by the way is very rare) and one child was told off for using the kite feather too much.

and that was my dream. pretty shite if you ask me. hopefully i will have more interesting ones as the days pass or this blog will be very dull.